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How much of the local language do you need for daily living? Are local language classes/tutors available and affordable?

None. While Afghan staff appreciate a few phrases of Dari or Pashto, in reality everyone is so busy and tired from work that language learning is rare (except for the few who receive Dari training prior to arrival at post). - Jun 18, 2014
Not a single syllable. Use your time to study a language for your next post. - Jul 12, 2013
None. - Mar 30, 2013
None really since you don't get off the compound on a regular basis but knowing a little bit is nice so you can speak with the locals who do work at the embassy. - Dec 27, 2010
Kabul Afghans tend to speak a lot of English, but Dari, (and Pashto in some quarters) is very appreciated. Everyone should at least learn greetings and formalities. - Aug 2, 2010
Almost none. - Jul 10, 2010
None..unless you are an officer that has meetings in town. If you are confined to the embassy, everyone speaks English. - Sep 7, 2009
Almost none, depends on your employment in country. - Mar 19, 2008